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Baby Brookies

Baby Brookies

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Good News! For those who wants to indulge and wants to pull back on the calories, here's an option to opt for. These bite-sized baby brookies are also perfect for parties, wedding favors or corporate events too. 


BEST SELLER! Salty, Rich and Velvety Buttercream that melts in your mouth. A real crowd pleaser.


GO NUTS or GO HOME! We use smooth peanut butter for the extra creamy texture. Perfect combo of sweet and salty treats! 


Inspired by AFTER 8 Chocolate Mint Slice. Even if it's not exactly an AFTER 8 but it's close enough, give them a try!


For the less rich flavor, this is it! Combination of Raspberries and more Dark Chocolate into the velvety buttercream made a perfect balance.


CHOCOLATE LOVER ONLY! Packed with only the highest quality dark chocolate, rich and intense.


Toasted coconut and blend with smooth cream cheese for a perfect balance of sweetness level. 


One of the most sought-after local ingredients Malaysians love to use in cooking, baking, or even just on its own – Gula Melaka into our smooth silky buttercream, to bring it up another level.  


*this is a non-gluten free option*
It is a MUST TRY flavor which we have tweaked the perfect balance between Biscoff spread and Biscoff crumbs into our buttercream that makes this Brookie flavor a whole new level of Biscoff experience. 

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